Synergies with other EU projects/research activities



The MINIMAL project will contribute to a radical transformation in air-transport by providing technology that will, in collaboration with the aviation ecosystem, substantially reduce the climate impact of aviation


BeCoM aims to achieve a significant reduction in the contrail formation caused by the aviation industry. Contrails contribute to the majority of the climate impact from aviation and reducing them will reduce the climate impact of non-CO2 aviation emissions.


MATISSE project with the motto “Electrification is the only way to reduce at the same time CO2 and non-CO2 emissions” explores smart and multifunctional ways to store electrical energy for hybrid electric aircraft.


Believing that a transition towards H2-powered aviation is a potential solution to meet the objectives of the 2050 – European Green Deal set for the aviation sector, people in the OVERLEAF project work towards developing an innovative and cheap liquid hydrogen storage tank for aircraft.


HESTIA project focuses on identifying and understanding the future challenges that will arise with the use of hydrogen fuelled aero-engines. This scientific understanding will significantly contribute to the development of environmentally friendly combustion chambers in future.


EFACA project promotes climate and environmental-friendly aviation by developing new technologies using electric and hybrid thermoelectric propulsions and by replacing fossil fuels with new sustainable fuels.