Project Main Targets

The MINIMAL project will provide the experimental proof-of-concept that large non-CO2 an CO2 reductions can be achieved by replacing the conventional constant pressure combustion core with intercooled composite cycle engine technology (CCE). Such technology was down-selected and developed to TRL 2 in the H2020 ULTIMATE1 project, showing double digit efficiency improvements relative to the most efficient power plants available for EIS2035 – 2050 are within reach. This is a precursor for reducing all emissions.

MINIMAL Main Targets

MINIMAL will further mature the intercooled CCE technology to TRL 3 and demonstrate:

  • that their altitude flexibility will facilitate transition to the required contrail mitigation operational measures.
  • that the energy efficient CCE architecture will further benefit from the introduction of free-piston technology;
  • that through the usage of heavy-duty vehicle proven NOx mitigation technology the required net-NOx reductions can be easily achieved.
MINIMAL Project Structure

NOx measurements; NOx modelling; CFD on detailed geometry. (Exp & CFD)


Aerothermal investigation of different intercooling & piston cooling solutions. (Exp & CFD)

  • Tech. evaluation assumptions
  • Whole engine studies (TRL2)
  • Aircraft integration studies (TRL2)
  • Multidisciplinary optimization
  • Scenarios
  • Roadmap
  • Communication